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Up, up and away

I did my first training shift for airborne traffic reporting. Wheee!

I flew with Kelly O'Farrell in "Air 4" as we circled the whole bay area. Trying to recognize highways from air is tricky, but I mostly did okay. Before the shift I got my share of razzing about air sickness from some of the current and former regulars (including my boss, who'd been an airborne reporter for over a decade before taking his desk job) -- lines like "We'll see how well you hold your popcorn there!" and "If you feel warm, it means you're starting to get airsick." Yeah, right -- with three people cramped into a Cessna 172, anyone is going to feel warm.

It was fun, though. The bay area is beautiful from the air. It'd been years since I'd been up in a small plane, and I enjoyed it very much. After a while I stopped looking at the maps and tried identifying the exits based upon a book I had containing all the highways and exits, my existing knowledge of bay area roads, and what I saw. I was doing pretty well for a neo, IMHO.

I can't wait to go back up.
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