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Sharing the Love

The Meme: Use lyrics from one artist to answer the questions (via pocketnaomi.

I wasn't going to do this one at first because all the artists I wanted to do were very male with The Wrong Answers for some of the questions. When pbristow did it with his own lyrics, I figured I could do it with mine.

1) are you male or female?

I'm a big-busted woman....
(From: "Big-Busted Woman (in the Key of D)")

2) describe yourself?

I'm a were-nerd....
(from: "Were-Nerd")

3) how do some people feel about you?

All the guys hit on her instead of hitting on me!
(from: "Not the Man")

4) how do you feel about yourself?

No one else can say the things that I say
The way that I want it said
No one else can hear the songs that I hear
As I hear them in my head.
(From: "Nobody Else But Me")

5) describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest situation:

The only "address" that he has is a street
The guy's "domain" is where he sleeps and he eats
We always "talk" face-to-face or phone
Because there is something that he doesn't own
He's Not On The Net
Oh, I can't believe it!
He doesn't have an "at-sign"
Oh, I can't conceive it!
I still don't know how we could have met
But I'm dating a guy who is Not On The Net!
(From: "He's Not On The Net")
[Note: I've since sort of "rectified" the situation. He now has a Yahoo! account. ;-) ]

6) where would you rather be?

Maybe I should try to go to somewhere far away
I ought to see things besides Ñ O. J.!
I’ll go to Paris in the Ñ verger!
Then I’ll go to Toronto and see Ñ Blue Jays!
(From: "OJ-Session")

7) describe where you live:

Keeping all the bills paid is hard enough
Who has time to keep my place up to snuff?
(From: "Someone to Pick Up After Me")

8) describe where you are from:

Nearby The City by The Bay....
(From: "Grandma's Training Bra")

9) describe how you live:

When you work two jobs just to pay the bills....
(From: "Someone to Pick Up After Me")

10) describe how you love:

The only "bang path" that he knows is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!
(From: "He's Not On The Net")

11) share a few words of wisdom:

So if you have somene whose guts you hate dearly
I have a suggestion to make you feel nice
Just find some imported Siberian Huskies
And pick up their droppings, and wrap them on ice.
There's no need to hurry; no need to dismay
And when you are finished, then you, too, can say:

Hope you liked the doggie-do I sent you
I didn't sign my name; it wouldn't have been the same
I Hope you liked the doggie-do I sent you
Now we'll see who laughs last at who!

Hope you liked the doggie-do I sent you
I didn't sign my name; it wouldn't have been the same
I Hope you liked the doggie-do I sent you
Now I've done Doo Justice to you!
(From: "Doo Justice")

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