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Today I got my first paycheck from my new day job. Yee-HAW!!!

My right breast is still sore from yesterday's biopsy/cyst aspiration; I must still wait till Tuesday to find out how it went. Unfortunately for me, the breeder with the Bichons ready for adoption has a litter of all show dogs, and she won't let anyone adopt them who doesn't want to show them (sigh).

I'm getting the hang of having free lunch at work on Fridays. I still have to get the admin trained to understand it's okay to let me know who catered lunch and that I don't mind calling them to make sure there are no mushrooms in the food. In this case I was familiar with the vendor and the product (Pollo Rey's marinated chicken), so I wasn't worried.

After lunch I did a few things, then went to pick up my paycheck and set up direct deposit. On the way back to work I stopped at the Entenmann's outlet and picked up a loaf of nine-grain "wood bread." That's what I call Oroweat's low calorie bread because they use cellulose fibers (read: wood) to pad it out without adding calories. I then stopped at Albertson's and deposited the check into the BofA ATM. I almost bought something there, but the lines were horrendous, so I declined.

Work seems to be going okay. I seem to be pulling my weight. The one awkward spot was the lecture after lunch. An engineer was lecturing about a product one of the writers in my group was documenting. I watched the presentation, but even though I could see the slides and make out what she was saying, I couldn't understand a thing. WOW did I feel stupid!

After work it was HBFD. This week we ate Cambodian food. One of the guys in the group, Dave F., tried selling an empty Cambodian beer bottle obtained during a previous trip to this place on EBay. He actually made money on it! Needless to say, as we finished our beers, we were teasing him about giving him our empties to sell.

Another one of the guys has just had hip replacement surgery. He's younger than me and rather young for such surgery, but he's got a totally hosed immune system from having successfully battled mouth cancer a few years ago. Dave J. has to go in twice a week for dialysis. His parents are visiting and helping him out. Dave J. says his doctor expects him to be on crutches for another six to 12 weeks. For him, we were joking about how the worst part of the ordeal will be losing those really good parking places. :-)

Tonight I came home and discovered my high speed net access was back. YAAY!!!!! Now I get to do decent-speed uploads and downloads (well, downloads, anyway).

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