Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

I got it from ataniell93...

...and she got it from gridlore

Name: Lynn Ann Gold
Nicknames: Lynn, LynnAnn, Lynnie, FIGMO
Screen name: FIGMO
Birthday: July 4th
Age: Not if I can help it
Astrological sign? Cancer, Virgo Ascendant, Aquarius Moon
Chinese zodiac sign? I have no idea.
Location: Mountain View, CA
Sexual Preference Pukingly straight and vanilla
Marital Status: Single (sigh)
Religion: Reform Jew
Current Hair: Shoulder length; gold-blonde
Eye color: Grayish blue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: dropping
Shoe size: 7
Parents still together? They would be had my father not died 13+ years ago
Siblings? One younger brother I'd like to disown
Nieces/Nephews? One niece
Kids of your own? Not unless you count my dog
Grandkids? Let's get the "husband" and the "kids" first, okay?
Pets? One adorable Bichon Frise named "Lady"
In school/graduated? BA, Journalism, San Jose State U.
Rent, lease, or own your home? Own (technically the S&L "owns" it and I make outrageous mortgage payments)
What do you do for work? Contract tech writing, radio news anchoring/reporting/producing
How much do you make? Depends on which job/contract
Have any credit cards? No
What do you drive? A 1992 Honda Accord EX


Color: Ice blue and burgundy
Number: 397
Animal: Bichon Frise (dog)
Vehicle: The 1992 Honda Accord with blue interior
Flower: Rose, orchid, daisy, baby's breath (the rose is just about the only scented flower my allergies can stand)
Shape: Bucky ball
Drinks: Freshly ground, brewed coffee (properly configured, good tea, iced coffee or tea, sugar-free soda, good wine or good beer
Soda: Diet Vanilla Coke (or any Diet Coke), Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet IBC, Diet Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, NoCal Coffee Soda
Book: Depends upon my mood
Author: Depends upon my mood
Band: Spike Jones and His City Slickers
Song: "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" by Allan Sherman

Do you...

Color your hair? Are you kidding? They couldn't bottle this color if they wanted to
Twirl your hair? Yes
Have tattoos? No
Piercings? No
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? One wonderful boyfriend
Cheat on tests/homework? No
Drink/Smoke? Sometimes/No way in hell (eeeuw)
Like roller coasters? Yes!
Wish you could live somewhere else? Sometimes
Want more piercings? I don't want any piercings. Ever.
Like cleaning? No
Write in cursive or print? Print
Carry a donor card? Yes; one of my first cousins has a transplanted kidney
Swear a lot? Sometimes, but I've been working on it
Own a web cam? I own one, but I haven't hooked it up and am not sure I want to.
Know how to drive? Yes, and I have the license to prove it
Diet? Always (hypoglycemia)
Own a cell phone? Yes
Ever get off the damn computer? Occasionally
Hablar Espanol? Hablo un poquito de Español

Have you ever...

Gotten a speeding ticket? Yes
Been in a wreck? Yes, but never my fault
Been arrested? No
Been in a fist fight? Yes
Kicked someone in the nuts? Yes
Stolen a car? No
Stolen anything? Not on purpose; I once accidentally walked out of the store with a bottle of salad dressing, and when I tried to go in and pay for it, they wouldn't let me back in because it was after closing time
Held a gun? Yes.
Smoked? Not really; I tried inhaling once (to avoid getting beaten up) and coughed like hell.
Pot? I've tried it, and all it did was make me nauseous
Crack? No
Drink? Yes
Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? No
Considered a life of crime? No
Considered being a hooker? Never
Cheated on someone? No
Been married? Yes
Cried over a girl/boy? Yes
Lied to someone? Yes; usually for the sake of survival
Been in love? Yes
Had sex outdoors? Do motor vehicles or airplanes count?
Fallen for your best friend? No
Made out with JUST a friend? Yes
Been rejected? Many times
Been in lust? Yes
Used someone? Yes
Been used? Yes
Been cheated on? Too many times
Been kissed? Yes
Experimented with homosexuality? No
Tried to kill yourself? Yes

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