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A pleasantly uneventful Friday night

I went to aqua aerobics, then bought some candy molds (on sale!), and finally went to "Hot Bunch For Dinner." We had a nice dinner of Burmese food at Rangoon in Palo Alto, but because the guy driving was recovering from food poisoning (from elsewhere, thank Ghu!), we didn't do dessert but headed straight back to his place (from which most of us had car pooled).

I didn't quite get enough to eat, but hey, it was tasty, the company was great, and I need to lose weight anyway. I'm pondering some kind of "dessert" at home -- maybe chocolate, chocolate pudding, chocolate custard, hot chocolate....there's a pattern here, isn't there?

Warren went to Good Friday services and then to dinner at his folks' house. He'll eventually be back (so he thinks, anyway). I hopefully will get to sleep in tomorrow morning and have a leisurely brunch with friends. trektone says Hobee's now has peach-pecan coffeecake, and I'd like to try it.

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