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A hard day's work

I spent much of my day chasing down a story about someone at Frontier Ford allegedly poisoning cats because they scratched up the paint jobs on cars. When I called Frontier Ford, they responded with "no comment for the media." Really rude, IMHO.

I finally heard from the person who first posted the accusation. It turns out the guys from the car dealership were trapping the cats and turning them over to the Humane Society. This is both reasonable and well within their rights. The person involved with the cat that had been missing assumed the folks from the Ford dealership would use the name "Frontier Ford" instead of their own names and thus didn't realize the car dealership folks had done the right thing.

I almost ran what I'd learned, but the dealership was so rude I just chose to not run the story since nothing out of the ordinary happened, save for the accusation.

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