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A well-spent 50 cents

I had to stop at Albertson's to deposit a check, and while browsing the store, came across some smoked pig's ears (doggie treat) on sale for just 50 cents. I'd wanted to try them on Lady for a while, but didn't want to invest much in case she didn't like them.

I gave her one of them and...first she stood on her hind legs and pounced the pig's ear. She kept pouncing and batting it for about 15 minutes, making lots of funny noises while gesturing as if she were trying to "overpower" the chew treat (this is a 12 pound "fifi" dog, folks!).

Eventually she got it into her mouth and took it onto "her" chair (she has "nationalized" my favorite recliner). She's been going at that pig's ear for several hours and just offered what's left of it to me (eeeuw), shoving it into my face as I type this.

That last part was kind of gross, but the rest of it has been high entertainment for all parties involved.

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