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Four glasses of wine; three sheets to the wind...

Okay, not really the latter. I went to seder this past evening at my friends Lisa and Harold Harrigan's. Yes, it was after Pesach, but it was the one Saturday she could get her daughter and her family there.

Lisa throws a fun seder. It's reverent without being stuffy. The crowd this year included her mother (I think her name is Dorothy, but don't hold me to it, and I should know her name after all these years!), her daughter (Jenny), son-in-law (Mark), and their three sons (Chris, Matthew, and Jonathan), my friends Bruce and Shirl, Harold's niece Laura (who I wish I saw more often), Don (who had bought my condo a few years ago, only to lose it when he refinanced one too many times...sigh), and Bill Laubenheimer and Carole Parker. Lisa and Harold's son "little Harold" was also there.

I was asked to bring vegetables, so I roasted three kinds of asparagus -- green, white, and purple -- with just a spray of olive oil and some freshly-ground sea salt, at 250F for an hour. Lisa's mother looked at the array of asparagus I'd brought and remarked, "That looks like the flag of some country, but I can't remember which one."

Bill and Carole (he's okay; she makes my skin crawl) showed up. Carole was bragging about having made chocolate-orange sponge cake using oranges from her backyard; Bill (her husband) then said, "and I brought asparagus." We all laughed. Bill had steamed his upright and then drizzled his with olive oil, and he only did one type. They were good, though.

Lisa's matzoh ball soup and lamb were excellent as usual. The asparagus went over well (fortunately everyone liked asparagus), and the kids (especially Jenny and Mark's) were well-behaved. Even little Harold begrudgingly sat through the seder as long as he could eat "Passover Pizza" instead of lamb (which he doesn't like). The concensus about my asparagus was the three types tasted different, although folks debated over whether the white or the purple were sweeter. Big Harold wanted to keep my leftover asparagus (we had a few stalks of green and white left; there were barely enough purple ones to go around), which amazed me (Big Harold is a die-hard carnivore).

Now every time I go to the bathroom it smells like asparagus.

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