Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Net.History meme (snarfed from cellio)

1. When did you first connect ("go online"), and how?

If by "go online" you mean first using a computer, 1972, the PDP-8 at my high school. If you mean first timesharing system, 1980, at Columbia University. If you mean first "net" access, that would be in 1982 when I got my first ARPAnet account at MIT-AI.

2. What was your first communications program?

That would be "MM" on TOPS-20.

3. When did you first chat over the internet, and how?

1980, via "send" from MIT-AI and SU-SCORE (my 2nd ARPAnet account) and "talk" on TOPS-20.

4. What chat type program(s) do you use now?

I use IRC, AOL IM, occasionally "talk" on UNIX.

5. Who was your first service provider?

MIT. :-)

6. Did you ever use AOL?

Yes. It used to be the only place with a GUI airline reservation system (back before sites like Travelocity existed). I could easily access SAABRE.

7. Do you admit using AOL in public?

Sure, although I rarely use it nowadays.

8. Who is your current ISP?

I use a2i communications, a really cool small ISP out of San Jose for my main access, and attbi for cable modem access.

9. What was the first computer that you used to access the 'net?

MIT-AI, a PDP-10 running ITS.

10. What computer do you use to access the 'net today?

Several. I have two Macs of my own and a borrowed Windows laptop, and my ISP has Solaris and Linux boxes I can log into.

11. What was your first 'net handle?


12. Did you use any other handles for any length of time? If so, what were they?

My ex-husband refused to let me use "figmo" on our home machine, so I was stuck with "lynn" there, but at job sites it's usually "lgold" whether I like it or not. I prefer that to "lynn" or "lynng" (which I detest) because I prefer not typing double letters.

13. What 'net handle do you normally use now?

I stick with "FIGMO" because folks know it's me.

14. Are you active on any websites other than LJ? If you're willing to say, what ones?

Not really on web sites; occasionally you'll see a story written by "LG" on KLIV's web site, and I'm just handing off webmistressing of the Consonance web site, but I'm on lots of mailing lists, a few newsgroups, and a few FAQs.

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