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On Friday I went up to San Francisco to meet with my accountant. Warren made us a car pool. I was going to go back down the peninsula right away, but the radio said there were accidents all along the highway, so we decided to make a date of it.

Warren found this cute little Mandarin place. We went in and ordered Chicken with Broccoli and Cashews and the house's Special Noodles. I was starving, so I started eagerly devouring the noodles until I saw this teeny something that didn't belong. Yup; a mushroom.

We rushed out of the restaurant, down the street, and into the nearest drug store where I bought and took some generic Benadryl capsules. We then headed southward towards home.

About halfway there I started having trouble breathing and could feel my throat closing in. "Hospital," I said. "Now."

"Can it wait?" asked Warren.

"If it could wait I wouldn't be saying 'hospital.'"

Through sheer luck and the fortuitous flagging-down of a cop in San Mateo we found a hospital. I was immediately taken into ER and pumped with prednisone.

I'm still on prednisone. I'm now in the "you don't get sleep and you retain water like a sponge" stage. My legs feel all stiff and bloated. My fingers haven't fully recovered. I thought I'd rest today, but we're waiting for Warren's neurologist to call and the radio station asked me to fill in from 7pm-11pm. I got some more computer stuff done today, but I've been way less productive in the computer front and the resting front.

Meanwhile, I've got coffee to finish. I need to be perky and "minty fresh" for my teensy shift.

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