Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Last ... meme

I got it from klwalton.

last cigarette: sometime in 1971 (took a puff of one to keep from getting beaten up, coughed like hell)
last car ride: last night, coming home from the Savitzkys
last kiss: a few hours ago
last good cry: a few months ago
last library book: two country line dance videotapes
last movie seen: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
last book finished: "The Weyrs of Pern," Anne McCaffrey
last beverage drunk: iced coffee
last food consumed: crepes with lemon juice and splenda
last crush: Warren
last phone call: Warren from his cell phone to ask if he could hang out at the hobby shop
last TV show watched: Game Show Network's "Black and White Overnight" recorded on my TiVo
last time showered: This afternoon
last shoes worn: my slippers
last CD played: Tom Tuerff, "Something To Sell At My Gigs"
last item bought: Groceries
last downloaded: Audio software
last annoyance: The customer service rep who called me Mrs. Gold
last disappointment: It's 5pm and I haven't yet mailed Mom's birthday card
last soda drunk: diet Coke, last night at dinner
last thing written: documentation for karisu_sama and her husband's company
last key used: My house key
last word spoken: you (as in "I love you")
last sleep: This morning
last IM: A chat with ceclay
last sexual fantasy: I'm not into fantasy; reality is so much better ;-)
last weird encounter: The "drunken Dodgers guy" calling me Monday at the radio station.
last ice cream eaten: Some kind of caramel ice cream with toffee
last time amused: Earlier; blame it on the dog :-)
last time wanting to die: I'd rather not say
last time in love: Still in love with Warren
last time hugged: This afternoon
last time scolded: This afternoon (Warren)
last time resentful: The last time I saw Dubya on TV
last chair sat in: One of the cheezy plastic ones by the makeshift kitchen table
last lipstick used: Revlon lip pencil in a neutral color

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