Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Food meme

Shamelessly snarfed from ailsaek....

What drinking water do you prefer -- tap, bottle, purifier, etc.?

Bottled -- preferably Crystal Geyser or Black Mountain.

What are your favorite flavor of chips?

Any kind of spicy corn chip.

Of all the things you can cook, what dish do you like the most?

As Ailsa put it, "Only one dish???? No fair!" :-)
Which one I like best depends on my mood and how I'm feeling. I guess homemade pasta.

How do you have your eggs?

Either sunnyside up, poached, soft-boiled, or scrambled. I detest cooked yolks.

Who was the last person who cooked you a meal? How did it turn out?

If you don't count restaurants, it'd probably be Warren's mother. She cooks okay, but half the time I have to make my own food at her house because she's making something I can't eat.

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