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Skin deep

Last week I noticed a bunch of white bumps appearing on my face. They weren't whiteheads or zits. I tried calling dermatology at PAMC (my doctor's office), but they didn't get back to me till the end of the day, saying "call us tomorrow morning and we'll try to squeeze you in."

The next day I slept into the afternoon; likewise for the day after that. Then I had to worry about job interviews interrupting the day.

I had a job interview yesterday. I have another with a different company Friday. I don't expect any interviews today and I woke up early enough, so I called. My appointment is at 3pm.

As I started waking further I noticed bumps on my hands. Itchy bumps. Under them appears to be another rash.

I don't know what I'm reacting to, but I'm glad I've got that appointment. I just wish it could come sooner, as I want the itching to stop.

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