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Warren just noticed my neck is swollen like a football player's. I'm supposed to go on the air from 6pm-11pm.

On Friday afternoon Marion, the woman who runs my maid service, had planned on coming by. She was making the rounds with the crew, but just before they got to my house she had them take her home because she was very ill and couldn't go on.

Saturday night I called her from Walmart to see how she was doing and to ask her which kind of mop she wanted me to buy. I got the mop info, along with a reminder to buy a new toilet bowl brush to replace the ones the crew hadn't been using (they didnt' know how to use the wire ones without scratching the toilet so instead they were using a kitchen bottle/vegetable brush -- eeeuw!). Marion told me she had been diagnosed with the flu. I wasn't worried because I got my shot this year.

I thought the fullness I'd been feeling in my neck was just fat, but I asked Warren about it, and he looked very worried. During business hours I'm calling Dr. Burt to see a) if he's open and b) if he can prescribe me some tamiflu if it's the flu. Gads, I sure hope he's got hours today! I'm supposed to do the radio-thang tonight and Tuesday night from 6pm-11pm, and I may have an interview Thursday morning.


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