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An "interesting" reason to upgrade

I'd been holding off on upgrading to MacOS 10.2 for a variety of reasons:
  • Nearly everything I need to run still doesn't run native on OSX
  • $129 before taxes is outrageous to pay for an "interim" release

Yes, there are some nice things about "Jaguar" (the code name for 10.2), such as running Classic mode faster, but that was moot...until today.

My new contract has me documenting stuff for Adobe. They use FrameMaker 7.0 (another upgrade I had to make), and since I'm documenting Acrobat 6.0 Professional, I have a free copy (w00t!) and needed to install it.

It wouldn't install. Period. Upon closer examination, the documentation says it needs "MacOS 10.2 or greater." Even StuffIt now needs MacOS 10.2!

A friend who works at Apple had offered to give me a free copy of 10.2, but he had yet to come through. I didn't want to send e-mail to his Apple account asking for the free CD-ROM (can we say "chutzpah," kids?), so I had to do something more creative to get any kind of discount.

I then remembered the folks who'd helped me upgrade my Beige Minitower. They'd wanted to install 10.2 but had had problems, and when I got it home, I'd found a CD-ROM for 10.1 in my drive. I already had 10.1 (I paid for it), so I figured I might get a discount if I brought back their CD-ROM.

I hopped into the car and rushed to their shop. I brought in the CD-ROM and gave it back to them. They remembered me and even looked me up. They said they had no copies of 10.2 for sale left at either of their stores, so for the heck of it, I asked, "Are you sure you don't have a copy of 10.2 lying around somewhere?"

They found one. They gave it to me -- for free. "Just don't tell anyone you know us," they said.

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