Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

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More food pondering

In the USA we have "American" cheese.

We have "French" fries (except in Washington, D.C., but that's another story), but in France they don't have "French fries."

We have "Canadian" bacon, but Canadians don't call it that; they call it "back bacon," yet they don't have "back cheese."

I just ate an "Australian" toaster biscuit. When I was in Australia I didn't see any such "toaster biscuits."

We have "English" muffins. Do "English muffins" as we know them in the US exist in England? (I've never been there so I wouldn't know.)

What do they call "Welsh" rarebit in Wales?

What do they call "Spanish" rice (as we know it in the US) in Spain?

Do you even eat "German" chocolate cake in Germany?
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