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Back from Westercon

In a nutshell: Wow.

I met lots of cool new (to me) people, many of whom I want to add to my LJ friends list. I also got to meet shadowe in person; she was a major help in my "45 party" Thursday night. In addition, I got to spend time around several folks I haven't seen in years, and I got to know a few folks better.

The filk track seemed to go well. The concerts were well attended.

This was Lady's first away con, and she handled the flight well. She was skittish overall when meeting new folks, but eventually she started getting used to them. At my party I had a big bag of pigs ears; whenever a dog came by, I gave them an ear as a "party favor." One of the dogs was Buddy, a four-year-old male Bichon Frise from just above my room. At first Lady was skittish around him. All of a sudden she decided she wanted to play chase with him. His reaction was "What the f***? First you run away, and now you want to play? Up yours!" Lady wound up being "Fierce Defender Of The Room" for the weekend, growling whenever someone knocked at the door.

Overall, the con was pleasant, albeit low energy. I'd say the economy hit it hard. Still, I had a good time.

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