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Thoughts on Torcon

I'm too tired to write a full report of the con, so I'm just going to post ramblings.

I always make it a point to add names to faces and meet new people. I succeeded in this. The Instabands helped. I met several new folks, including a guy from Israel (Barak Brudo) and a gal from Florida (Anne Davenport). There was also a guy in our band named David from New Jersey whose last name I can't remember. All were great to work with. Filling out our band was one of my roommates, Duncan MacGregor from BC. filker0 was supposed to be in our group but got sick and wasn't up to being in both the Pegasus Nominees concert and playing guitar, so I got drafted for the guitar playing. I insisted on sitting down and barely made it through (due to lack of coordination on my part).

My shoulder is still healing. It's doing well, but I missed huge chunks of the con and socializing because I had to keep resting. I found the home perm I gave myself the morning of the surgery enabled me to catch morning events with a "half shower" (shower minus hair washing), then go back and do a full shower and rest.

There were times I felt "left out" of stuff. As a community we tend to be cliquish at times, and there are times when I wonder whether I've done something to offend someone, if I come off as "not a fun person," or "someone who doesn't like making music with other folks." When a group of folks got asked to perform with someone it seemed like I never got asked to join them. There was one dinner run where it was questionable as to whether I was welcome to join in. It's hard to gauge whether it's just a case of folks being tired and losing whatever human interface skills they've got or whether I've done something to offend them or rub them the wrong way.

Overall, though, I had a good time. After all, how bad a time can you have when you're in Toronto (which isn't exactly "nowhere") and you've got people running the filk track who could run one in their sleep? The rest of the con was pretty disorganized (I didn't know about Spider Robinson's concert or the group going to it, for example), but the filk track was run by (understatement) folks with a clue. The filk schedules matched reality. When there were changes, new schedules were distributed quickly.

My lack of energy was soooo frustrating. I wanted to be everywhere at once (hey, it's a Worldcon, right?). At one point quadrivium thought I looked "sad" when I was just massively fatigued, happy to be up to being upright, but not energetic enough to show I was happy to be upright.

I did lots of listening and came home with lots of gossip. I wish I could remember Carol Roper's new last name (her new husband is a sweetie). Gary and Sheryl's engagement marginally surprised me (I figured it'd be a matter of time; they're such a cute couple!), but Crystal and Steve caught me by surprise (I didn't even know they were an "item!"). oreouk's reaction to the purple creme-filled Oreos was priceless. I only told her I'd brought something for her that was "big and purple." I was in the grocery outlet this past afternoon and it appears they've finally sold out of them. Oh well. There's one other place that might still have some.

There are so many people I want to get to know better. The list is humungous. It was frustrating to not be up to doing more. There was one night where I ate three times just to socialize. This meant missing some of the programming. Grrrf; can't be everywhere at a Worldcon. I found myself apologizing for missing way too many concerts because of either sleep or socializing. In some cases I only caught one or two numbers. In one case a workshop I really wanted to attend (Bodhran II) was opposite a concert I really wanted to attend (Nate and Louie Bucklin). I opted for the workshop because I figured the odds of Nate and Louie being at a con together were greater than getting Graham and ladyat together at a con.

It was especially nice seeing ladyat getting the recognition she deserves. In the past she's been overshadowed by her talented and flashy husband. This time folks were going, "Who is that incredibly talented woman with the bodhran?" Brenda has always kicked butt, and it was nice to see folks notice it.

Toronto is a cool city. I did lots of walking. My legs were sore by the end of the con, but I didn't care. I was also sneezing like a madwoman the day after the con. I cared, but mostly I was glad whatever hit me hit the day after the con instead of before or during it. Too often I get sick right before cons, and that sucks.

I felt wussy in comparison to Jan DiMasi (aka "Jan of the Magic Fingers"). Her surgery and treatment was far rougher than mine, yet she looked robust and healthy. The drawings and stickers she had on her head were a hoot. I couldn't figure out how she got the jewels to stay on her head despite having about 1/4" of hair or how she got the drawings to come out so good.

almeda stood out as being an excellent Worldcon panelist and team player. From all reports the "Filk for Non-Filkers" panel was a roaring success, and her "No Guitars" circle was a breath of fresh air for someone in my condition (couldn't really play due to the shoulder). I wanted to catch khaosworks's concert and circle, but other things got in the way (including my lack of energy).

The parties were fun. I wound up with a "VIP" ribbon instead of a "Program Participant" ribbon because Program Ops ran out of the latter. I had considered crashing the SFWA party (it was on my floor), but I was afraid I'd make an ass of myself in my fatigued state and opted not to do so. I also didn't try to hit the Hugo Nominees party for the same reason. I presupported both Worldcon bids. One deserved a chance to run a Worldcon; the other could run a Worldcon in their sleep. It was a tough choice. I never saw the Charlotte NASFiC party; I did, however, get to chow down on Seattle's salmon, prompting folks in the Filk Office to remark that Atlantic salmon is better than Pacific. I asked for them to show me, but alas, nobody took me up on the offer. :-)

I also wrote a song just before the con started and did it in my concert. It's called "Butterflies" and is about a woman who sews live butterflies onto her wedding dress. It was inspired by some remarks delennara made on #filkhaven just before her wedding cross-pollinating (pun not intentional) with these dead butterfly wings my father tacked up at the entrance of my bedroom when I was a kid (Dad, being a biology/chemistry dual major, thought they were pretty; I was squicked out every time I went to my bedroom, especially when they started decaying). At least the butterflies in the song don't die or decay; they just pollinate flowers and go to sleep while attached to the dress.

My shoulder healed well enough that I was up to borrowing guitars at the Dead Beaver filk. Barry Gold even noticed I was playing barre chords (how can I do my material and not play them?). I hope decadentdave noticed I was playing the guitar louder than the last time he heard me (he once told me I needed to "dig in and play with teeth"). I even felt ballsy enough to do one of my few serious songs.

After the con Duncan, Kate Soley Barton, and I went up to the top of the CN Tower. Actually, Duncan and I were wandering when we saw Kate by herself and invited her to join us (Andrew is acrophobic and wanted to sleep). We had a good time and each bought a copy of the photo taken of the three of us. When I'm feeling more energetic I'll try to scan it in.

Anyhow, that's enough rambling for now. I am sneezy and itchy and suspect I picked up something viral (a cold or something to that effect), and need to rest it off.

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