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Tamiflu is My Friend

I finally got to see Dr. Burt today. He confirmed my infection appears to be viral and that it is in my throat and back sinus. He put me on Tamiflu and Biaxin (the latter just in case a bacterial infection develops) and told me I'm contagious for 48 hours. Bleaugh. That killed off my plans for seeing Alcatraz tomorrow.

Yesterday I had lymphatic drainage done. It helped a lot. Ann L. did some cranial work that caused encephalic fluid to drain. The only bad part was my throat tasted like really bad breath as it drained. The good part was my brain was functioning again, if only enough for me to be able to finish up a song I'd been working on for a while. I now have to put the right chords to it. I can hear the entire arrangement in the back of my head, but I'm having trouble finding the chords on the guitar. I really need to sit down at the piano, preferably when I'm not waking up Warren, who is also sick.

Warren can't walk without crutches right now. His right knee is massively swollen. Both were swollen yesterday, but I gave him a diuretic, and that helped. I wish he'd go to the doctor, but he won't because they blew him off the last time he went in (he has Kaiser).

I got a couple of calls today regarding potential jobs. I just hope I don't have to interview for them while I'm sick and stupid. I kept falling in and out of sleep, in and out of lucidity, and in and out of nightmares. In my nightmares I was supposed to be doing local cut-ins for KLIV but kept missing my breaks and leaving the station with many consecutive minutes of dead air.

I was able to cancel the maids for this week. Between being sick and losing the one shift to illness I at least took off some pressure from myself financially.

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