Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

So much for getting well...

I stayed in today per Dr. Burt's instructions. Warren tried to get me to go outside to haul some garden waste container, but I held firm, explaining, "I'm sick, dammit!"

Much to my relief there's been nothing really new on the job interview front. There's one manager who keeps wanting to call me and keeps getting too busy to do so. A recruiter submitted me to a job yesterday; today he asked for writing samples. I'm hoping that's a good sign.

Tomorrow afternoon I get out of "quarantine mode." When Dr. Jane gets into Milpitas she'll call, I'll go there, and it'll be after 1pm, so I won't have to worry about officially infecting anyone. Unfortunately Warren appears to be coming down with the flu just now. He's been dealing with a swollen right knee. We don't know what's causing it, and his health plan -- Kaiser -- has proven utterly useless with dealing with this in the past.

I keep floating in and out of lucidity, but today I was more lucid than not. I suspect I may be ducking and covering a bit during Consonance so as to avoid having emotional outbursts due to the effing prednisone I've had to take.

One bright spot in all this: Without even trying, I dropped two pounds last week.

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