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Foods that just don't belong together

A friend and I were discussing really bad food combinations -- that is, combining two perfectly good food items that Just Don't Belong Together. Somehow we decided the combination "peanut butter and sour cream" was the worst -- even worse than:
  • pickles and ice cream
  • apple pie and string beans
  • spaghetti with cling peaches in their own natural juice
  • Skittles and M&Ms
  • orange juice and mint

Another friend and I got to discussing foods that almost sound right until you think about them, such as:
  • beefsteak a la mode -- as in topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • blackened strawberries
  • chocolate-dipped escargot
  • sweet and sour bitter melon (that one comes with its own story for another entry)

I know there are others, but I'm blanking on them (hint, hint)....

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