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A surprisingly winning day

I woke up with the same godawful sore throat I've had the last two days, so I called my ENT and got a 3:30pm appointment. Note that my ENT is in Gilroy, a good hour from home, and that we had a heat wave, so I had to be in big pain to willfully drag myself into 100F+ temperatures.

Warren wanted to sleep, so I just left him a note and shlepped down myself. Dr. Burt examined me and determined I have an infected throat, it's swollen, I'm mildly contagious, but it's not strep (phwew!).

I took my prescription for Omnicef to the Rite Aid in Gilroy, which, to my surprise, had me in their database (I'd never been to that store before). I asked when my prescription would be ready, and they handed it to me on the spot!

Across the street from the Rite Aid was a branch of one of my favorite ice cream parlors (Sweet Retreat). There's also this discount grocer with a taqueria in the store I'd wanted to try, and with no neophobic Warren to stop me, I went in. At the door I found a dime on the ground. Coolness. I then found the taqueria, and for $5.56 I got a huge al pastor burrito, all the soda I could drink, and house-made chips and salsa. Wow. I took half the burrito home (this thing was a foot long and more than four inches in diameter).

I was too full to eat ice cream at this point, but I'd heard there was a major accident on my route home, so I went back to the shopping center with the Rite Aid and hit the Radio Shack, where I got a new phone for my bedroom (Warren's birthday gift, believe it or not -- the ringer can be turned down so it won't wake him up two rooms away) and a replacement set of headphones for the radio station. I also found Yet Another Dime on the sidewalk. Go me!

Next I checked the PW Super for possible dinner items, but I didn't see what i wanted. I went back to Rite Aid, but they didn't have sugar-free Fisherman's Friend lozenges, so I got back into my car. The accident was still there, so I went back and had some peppermint stick ice cream and vanilla yogurt. A nice sized cup was just $2.06. The combination soothed my throat.

I then headed homeward, making a stop at a Target to see if they had the Fisherman's Friend sugar-free lozenges. They didn't, but they had toilet paper at a good price, and they had Luna Bars for just $.85/each. I bought a few. On the way out I found Yet Another Dime.

Next I continued northward towards home, stopping at a Long's Drugs in San Jose near the highway because they're the one chain I can count on to have the lozenges, and they did. I bought out their entire inventory -- both packages.

My final stop was the Nob Hill grocery store in Mountain View with the winning deli. The guy behind the counter was fun. He got my order right. While he was working, we chatted a bit. He learned in his Army medic training that strep is a variant on the flesh-eating bacteria. I was happy to tell him I didn't have strep throat, but a standard throat infection. I was hoping to pick up fish and potatoes for tomorrow's dinner, but alas, my luck had run out for the day; the fish counter closed early tonight, and they didn't have the bags of small Yukon Golds.

OTOH, as I left, there was Yet Another Coin (okay, a penny -- but a shiny, heads-up one) waiting to be picked up.

Supposedly finding coins like that is a sign of good luck; that money will come one's way soon (read: a job). I hope so.

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