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Playing Catch-Up

It's been around a week since I last checked in here.

I made it to Consonance. I made it through Consonance -- more of a feat than it appeared to be on the surface, considering my lack of health. I even made it through the con without any emotional outbursts, save for losing it briefly at Carole Parker in the Dead Road Runner. OTOH, Carole Parker deserved it.

I got to catch up with lots of folks I haven't seen in way too long. I was shocked the way everyone working the con this year is coming back to work it again next year with me as Chair. I'm not used to thinking of myself as someone folks would want to work with or be around.

Monday I tried to sleep but got woken up at 8-something-AM by Colleen Savitzky. "Do we want to stay with this hotel?" AIEEEEE!!! I had told her to start negotiations the day before, but she was so fatigued she'd forgotten.

Then I got another call. It was a recording telling me, "Sorry; I seem to have dialed the wrong number." That was weird.

The rest of Monday mostly consisted of my trying to rest and getting thwarted at every turn. Eventually I went out to dinner with Diana. We tried a new vegetarian Indian place. The food was pretty good, although not as cheap as we'd hoped. The sambar there cleared my sinuses.

I got home Monday night to find out from Warren my friend EPS called. Warren is insanely jealous of EPS. EPS has known me over 20 years and is no threat, but Warren sees him as one because "he's male" and because it's obvious EPS would like us to be "more than friends." Whenever EPS is around I wish for Fuzzball so she could whine, on cue, at the timbre of nails-on-a-blackboard. EPS talked me into going to my friend Wuthel's monthly potluck.

Tuesday I was woken up by a call at 8-something-AM. This time it was a headhunter telling me the headhunter who got me the Thursday interview near where Dr. Jane works "is no longer with the company" and that my interview was cancelled. "A senior director there knows you and says you wouldn't be a good fit." Damn. Someone has it out for me and I don't even get to know who or why.

I spent the afternoon studying for my Wednesday afternoon interview just in case they asked me to do anything with code. I believe in being somewhere between honest and understating in my resume. I'd rather have people be surprised by what I can do than disappointed by what I can't do.

Tuesday midday I was leaving for the doctor's when a PG&E truck showed up. Turns out I was supposed to have gotten a notice saying my bill was overdue. They wanted me to pay nearly $1k over the phone. I don't have that much money to my name right now. They wouldn't negotiate. All I could do was stall the guy so he'd come back in half an hour, then rush to the nearest pay center and write them a rubber check, which is what I had to do to keep my power on. These turkeys don't understand that I can't get a job without having electricity to run the computers that receive the e-mail with interview information. Ugh.

This meant I had to blow off my rheumatology appointment till the end of the month. Grumble. Next I had to figure out how to de-rubberize that check before it got cashed. I also learned about a few agencies I could call to get help with my bill and called them. I was able to knock a few hundred off the bill this way.

Tuesday night I made shell macaroni and cheese from scratch, using stuff I had around the house. While it was cooking I marked up my sample ballot. I then put the mac and cheese into a container, voted, and went to Wuthel's.

At Wuthel's house I got to see folks I hadn't seen in years. My friend Edith was their with her six-year-old son, Ian. The last time I saw Edith she was still single and toying with vegetarianism. Ian was cute; he said, "I'm six, but I'm still in kindergarten" in a tone that reeked of disappointment.

I said, "Yeah, but not for long." He smiled. The boy is bright and well-behaved.

Throughout the night several other friends I hadn't seen in years showed up, as well as folks who'd been at the con that weekend. The talk from the con was how Sherman Dorn, our Interfilk Guest, put Carole Parker in her place when she got carried away with heckling him. He has no idea how many people were jubilant about that.

It was a good thing I brought something I could and would eat. Warren wanted me to "just stop at Safeway and buy some macaroni salad," but had I done so there'd have been nothing I could or would want to eat for the first half hour or so (I tolerate macaroni salad; I dislike mayonnaise).

The single most important piece of info I got at that potluck about the next day was my friend Ruth Anne works at the place of my Wednesday interview. This is good news.

Wednesday morning I woke up on my own at exactly 6am. I called the broker that holds my Oracle stock and asked if I could transfer stock to another broker. They didn't want me to, but when I explained the situation, he gave me the info for their "fax on demand" service. Yuck. This meant I had to set up Old Faithful to take an incoming fax.

I booted Old Faithful, got the fax stuff set up, then made the phone call to get the fax in. I had to manually get it to accept the fax, but it did. I then printed the form out, called E*Trade to find out how to fill in the info needed, then tried to scan in the form to re-fax. Ack. Turns out when I deleted Photoshop 4 I'd also deleted the scanner plug-in. Yikes.

Mitsubishi made my scanner. I couldn't find a driver for it on the net, and their support line wasn't open till 8am. I waited...and waited...and waited. Eventually 8am came and I called. They said they no longer support it, but pointed me at the company that did so I could download a driver.

After three tries I got the driver to work and the form to scan in. I then faxed it to the other number. Phwew. Check unrubberized.

I have no idea how the interview went Wednesday afternoon. I have a sneaking feeling I'm not their first choice, but might instead be #2. I can only hope I'm wrong and that I'll get an offer. The interview was kind of cool because I got to meet a woman I'd known by reputation for over 20 years but had never met; she knew of me the same way. My ex-husband came up briefly; I made it a point to gloss over him. I'm sure folks there were worried about whether they'd be barraged with stories about the guy. Hey, we've been divorced for over ten years! I have a life!

Anyhow, after that I came home, tried to rest, then the doorbell rang. This time the cable guy was by to disconnect, so I gave him a check. I know his check was good.

I opted to stay in last night for dinner, although I was ready to throttle Warren for making his own grey matter (what I call his cooking). He'd asked me if I was making dinner. I asked him what he wanted, and I got no answer.

Warren wants badly to eat at Emil Villa's Hic'ry Pit. I do not want Amurkin food for dinner. I want something that'll "sand blast" my sinuses into submission the way Monday night's sambar did. Heck, sambar sounds perfect. There's this International Foods Court at the Emeryville Marketplace I'd like to go to. It's cheap, and it's good.

Warren has a dental appointment in Berkeley at 4:30pm. I'll be taking my computer to do stuff on. At 7:30pm I have an appointment with Dr. Jane to have bodywork done. In between those we plan on having dinner. I'm hoping we'll have time to go to Cody's on Telegraph Avenue. It's almost Passover, and Cody's has the world's largest Haggadah selection. This year I want to buy some of the weirder ones to show my relatives in New Jersey. Granted, I have to watch spending, but I still want to buy them.

I'm trying to get into my E*Trade account to make sure the shares made it over but the pages it calls up make it impossibly slow.

Anyhow, gotta sign off. The maids show up at 2pm and I need to be ready.

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