Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

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Terror keeps me from getting rest

I'm terrified I won't be well by Sunday. My throat still hurts, my neck is still swollen, and I've nearly finished the antibiotics.

I'm terrified that the loan agent hasn't called back. He said he'd have results by "Monday or Tuesday" (of this week).

I'm terrified I'll be homeless and without a job. Nobody has called wanting to interview me for over a week.

I'm terrified the only jobs that might come my way won't pay enough to make ends meet. I told Warren about the job I applied for that would involve my writing comedy for TechTV (really!). He doesn't think it'll pay well. I'm still intrigued by it because they want someone with a background in broadcasting, high tech, and writing comedy, preferably stuff that's slightly edgy. (Does "Grandma's Training Bra" qualify?)
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