Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

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Not doing well

Warren and I were eating dinner. I've recently been diagnosed with gastric
reflux, and the treatment for it clashes with everything else about me:

1. No stress. Yeah, right. I'm a NEWS REPORTER. I do stress for a
living. This stupid recall election was stress-on-a-stick.

2. No eating for at LEAST 1.5-2 hours before bed (and preferably three).
I'm HYPOGLYCEMIC. Not eating right before bed makes it next to
impossible to wake up reasonably promptly (I've nearly slept through two
radio shifts and a Yom Kippur service), and it makes me moody as all

Warren kept INSISTING on telling me all about the effing election returns.
I'm horrified at the impending Governator and would love to see an impeachment trial when the gals he groped go after him -- assuming the
state Republican machine doesn't crush them, which I suspect they'll do if
they can't be paid off.

Now, combine moodiness with stress and you get Lynn Puking Over The Toilet.

Is there anything out there that'll suppress my insulin production?
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