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The Evaporation of Money, Part II

I just got off the phone with the bank. They say it's the CA Franchise Tax Board (FTB), aka "the state income tax people," putting a levy on my account.

My income taxes for 2000-2002 are still being worked on. I did a lot of day trading in those years, and E*Trade lost some of the transactions.

The FTB thinks I owe over $650k. My accountant says it's closer to $60k, which, while still alot, wouldn't kill me.

My next call out is going to be to my accountant. I called him last night and got his voice mail. OTOH, I've got to be at the station in just over an hour (I'm filling in this afternoon).

The bank says nothing can happen before Tuesday because Monday's a state holiday. The lady at the bank says there's only one good thing: They can't use this order to suck any more funds, so any further deposits will stay there -- at least till they put together Yet Another Levy.The FTB guy on my case starts work at 7am; the bank's Levy Dept. doesn't start work till 9am. You can guess what my Tuesday is going to be like.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck with only the money in my wallet and in my piggy bank till at least then.
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