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Something good happened today!

When I was growing up in Willingboro, NJ, we lived a few blocks away from my Mom's cousin Paul, his wife Irene, and their son, "little" Paul (he was towering over his father when he was in 6th grade), who was a year younger than me. Irene did a lot of the "Mom" tasks for me my mother didn't like doing, like taking me to age-appropriate movies, taking me swimming, and other such stuff. Paul, in some ways, was more like a brother to me than my own brother.

Over the years we lost touch, but tonight I got e-mail from him. He asked if I "remembered" him. I'd seen his name come up on geneaology boards, but I was afraid to contact him after all these years (I last heard from him when I got an invitation to his wedding that arrived a week after the wedding).

I am soooo glad to hear from him. I hope to meet his wife and kids the next time I'm in NJ. w00t!

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