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Dog Day Afternoon -- I hope

This morning I got a call before 9am from a breeder in Sacramento. She has a female bichon puppy that's "pet quality" because her bite is 1mm off (her lower teeth stick out). This makes her "unacceptable to show." The bad news: She costs $1600. I made a tentative appointment to check out the puppy tomorrow.

About an hour later I spoke to someone much closer to home who has eight (!) female puppies. She's out here from Oklahoma taking care of her ill father and had to take the puppies with her. The puppies need to find homes. The cost: $650. The bad news: The parents share the same father. I made an appointment to check out these puppies after work today.

As I was leaving I told Warren the good news; he was less than overjoyed. He says he's not ready for another dog. In deference to him, if I find The Right Dog, I may opt to wait a day to pick her up, saying "I need to dog-proof the house first." That'll give me a proper day to really get ready for the puppy.

I have felt like less than a whole person since Fuzzball died four months ago yesterday. I start weeping inside every time I drive by a pet store or go near the pet food section of the grocery store. I'm a dog person.

Besides, if I get a puppy, Murphy's Law will indubidably dump a brand, spanking new job into my lap.

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