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I hope I'm not ill

This morning at the doctor my temperature was 98.1. That's a tad on the low side, but I didn't give it any thought. I had an excellent appointment. My favorite quote from the doctor was, "You are sooooo not a candidate for gastric bypass surgery. I have several patients who are, and they don't fit in the chair you just sat in." We did discuss weight loss and diet modifications to help my gastric reflux, but she feels it's just diet and exercise. Fine by me!

Fast forward to tonight. I worked out (for a change), then came home to dinner, only the pork wasn't quite cooked enough, so put it back in the oven, then ran out and got salmon and did a major dinner paradigm change. Instead of carnitas, we had salmon with micro-steamed baby Yukon Gold potatoes, and micro-steamed collard greens with some garlic and sea salt. Just as we were about to eat I got this sudden wave of nausea. I could barely eat any of my salmon; the greens and potatoes went down a little easier, but I could hardly eat any of them. I've had the runs and I still fear I might throw up.

This isn't supposed to happen. I got my flu shot over a month ago!

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