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Luck was with me last night

Warren spent so long working on his car to ferry to his folks' house (for his brother the mechanic to work on) that we missed their dinner. I instead happily devoured a piroshki I defrosted from the freezer, then we went, dog in tow.

We stayed longer than was comfortable for me, given that we arrived around the time I needed to be going to bed (8pm) to get enough sleep for my morning drive shift today (6am-2pm).

Today I did the shift, made the mistake of grabbing a quick lunch at a mall food court (what was I thinking?), priced stoves at Home Despot, stopped for groceries, and came home with a chicken to roast, some cranberries, and for future meals, some boneless, skinless chicken breasts at $1.99/lb and some nice looking ground beef at $0.99/lb.

Warren was craving something similar to what he was supposed to have had last night; the turkey he was sent home with was so awful he gave it all to the dog, and the rest of the stuff was equally bad (all storebought). Instead, tonight he had freshly roasted, stuffed chicken (with his favorite brand of stuffing -- I already had it in my pantry), homemade sugar-free cranberry sauce (thanks for the idea pafuts!), and freshly steamed collard greens with sea salt, oiive oil, and garlic. Warren called it "delectable." :-)

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