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Rainbow weather

Today's weather forecast was "showers with occasional sunny breaks."

As I drove my job interview costume to the cleaners I saw a rainbow. I realized then the frequent alternation of showers and sunshine leads to lots and lots of rainbows.

When I went on the air and did weather (as part of my newscasts), I referred to the forecast as "rainbow weather." It kind of seemed to set the pace for an upbeat morning.

Yesterday I had produced a filed report with music underneath it, but pulled it when I realized the station could get hit for royalties. Nonetheless, I played it for my boss who confirmed yes, the station would've been hit for royalties but yes, the piece did work as I did it. I smiled and told him "sometimes you've just got to get things out of your system." I love doing radio production work but rarely get to do it in news, so this was fun.

After work I went to Gilroy to get allergy shots. As I was driving towards the outlets to get to the doctor's office I saw Yet Another Rainbow, this time even more vivid than the previous one. After my shots I went to the outlets, bought very little, but got lots of walking in. In the end, I'd say I had a "rainbow weather" day.

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