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Good Old What's-Her-Name (and other stuff)

Having a doggie in my life again is making me feel like a whole person. She has already proven herself to be a healer.

I took her to the Savitzkys' house Wednesday night (Colleen had invited me to do so). One of the regulars had been in a car accident and was injured so badly he was using a wheelchair. I let him hold the puppy in his lap. He said she had soothed and calmed him down so much he had to have one. His cousin breeds Bichon Frises, so he's going to ask about getting a puppy at a discount.

Meanwhile, everyone adored her. She was relatively well-behaved (she pooped a little on the floor, but I was able to get it up and flush it immediately). She's also starting to try to train me. There's a whine she gives when she wants attention. It's hard, but I have to learn to ignore it so she doesn't learn to manipulate me. She did some of that whine there when I went to get myself a slice of pizza. She wasn't thrilled with the teleme cheese also there. It's the first time I'd ever seen a dog not like cheese.

We stayed for a while, and when I saw she was overloaded and wanted to sleep, I took us home.
Thursday I was supposed to have a job interview, but it had been cancelled at the last minute. I was told I'd get a call rescheduling it, but that call has yet to arrive.

Meanwhile, another agency called and said a company I'd interviewed with over the phone was interested in bringing me in. They're located within walking distance of my house, so I can get there in five minutes or less, and they don't care whether I show up "in costume" or in "cleaning the house" clothes. I can deal with this.

I'm also supposed to get a phone call today from a manager from another company about another job. That hasn't come yet, either. Deep down I suspect nothing will happen today except me paying my mortgage (today's the due day).

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