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Lotsa Latkes

Tonight I finally made latkes.

A few years ago i started adding zucchini to the mix to, as Alton Brown would say, "bring a little color and added nutrition to the party." I did so again this year.

This was Warren's first time eating latkes. IIRC, kshandra and daffyd have had my latkes and can vouch for them. They make a big mess of the kitchen, which is why I only do them once a year, but this is that once a year when I do them. My recipe this time:

Around six medium-sized russet potatoes
One medium-sized yellow onion
Five baby zucchini (they didn't have regular-sized ones)
Two large eggs

In a large bowl, deposit and beat the eggs.

Shred the potatoes, onion, and zucchini in your food processor in several batches, depositing them into the bowl with the eggs.

Mix it all together, and add salt to taste.

Grabbing stuff from the bottom (where it's wetter because the egg settles), deposit roughly 1/2 cup onto a lightly oiled skillet (I try making them greasy but it just doesn't work). When brown, flip, and then press down for better contact with the skillet. Place the finished latkes onto a foil-lined baking sheet, and keep the sheet with the latkes in a 250F oven to keep them warm while you make the rest of them.

Serve with sour cream and enjoy.

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