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I am NOT naming her "Zhignew!"

Warren has really warmed up to the puppy. He now half-wants me to get him her sister. The one "gotcha" is I'd have to take care of her if he died in brain surgery, and I'm not sure I'm up to handling two dogs by myself. Actually, there's another "gotcha" -- her sister may have been adopted by now.

He also feared the dog might have epilepsy, so I spent all Wednesday night/Thursday morning up watching her sleep to make sure there were no seizures. I eventually had to sleep myself and put her back in her pen. There were no seizures; I'm convinced she was just whining for attention. She's training him already. Bichons do that.

Meanwhile, Warren keeps wanting me to name the dog something Russian or Polish. I keep waiting for the dog to tell me what she wants to be called. The dog likes things with "D" and "L" in them, but when I tried "Delilah" she gave me a glare that said, "You will not name me that under any circumstances!" Yep, she's got eyes.

She seemed to like "Dusty," but Warren hates "Dusty" because it reminds him of a guy from the TV show "Dallas." (I found the show utterly boring and couldn't sit through an entire episode.) I associate "Dusty" with "Dusty Springfield" and a much more positive image. She also was okay with "Dust Bunny," but Warren hated that. He said, "How about Zhignew?"

The puppy looked at me as if to say, "You're not going to stick me with that, are you?"

Despite this, Warren keeps pushing that name. Yesterday he had to go to the radio station for some business. He called and asked me if I wanted to meet him at IHOP for brunch. We got there, and he said he'd stopped by his home while in that area and asked his mother how to spell "Zhignew." I kept telling him the name sounds like someone sneezed and that it sounded like it was in need of a few vowels.

Never have a mouth full of hot coffee when your boyfriend spells an awful name for you.

Warren started spelling it. "S-C-Z-C...."

He'd gone through four letters and there wasn't even a vowel yet! I was doubling over, trying to not burn my throat, choke on the coffee, or have it go through my nose. I barely succeeded.

He started up again. "S-C-Z-C-I-E-G-N-I-E-U. 'Zhignew.' Isn't that simple?"

Uh, yeah. I'm going to name my dog something I can barely pronounce or spell, let alone the staff in the vet's office! "Sczciegnieu?" That looks even worse than it sounds! He says it's Polish for "the way you feel when you come home from a party," but I don't care. It fails the "yell test" (as in "How do you feel about yelling that name?").

Our waitress, Olga, was Russian, so Warren asked her to come up with some names. She came up with four. The ones I remember were "Lada," which means "okay" or "fine," "Birta," which is a Russian translation of a German name (presumably "Bertha"), and "Jzhena," which is just a name. Warren likes anything with a "z" in it, but we eventually agreed "Lada" was the best of the four. OTOH, I have cousins with that as a last name, so I'm hesitant to use it. OTGH, it's kind of neat to know what their last name means.

I tried "Lada" and "Lady" on puppy. She likes them. She has a slight preference for "Lady," but I don't want to just name her "Lady" because that's what Warren's brother's late Great Dane was named. She liked "Lady Diana," but I feel funny giving her the name "Diana" in any form because of the whole taboo about naming the living after the living. I think it's going to be "Lady Something for the dog's name, but I don't yet know what the Something is.

Time now to start my day....

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