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Salvaging the day

Once I got Warren back to my place he konked. I flung a few resumes, made an appointment to interview with a headhunter next week, showered, and then set out for MacWorld Expo and a few other errands (including paying my 2nd mortgage in person).

First I met up with dimakoi at the Belmont CalTrain station. Since my errands included a trip to Berkeley and she had to work the next day, it seemed best that I drop her at the SF CalTrain station after the show (it was kind of on my way to the Bay Bridge anyway), but there was no reason for her to pay to shlep up there when I was going anyway. Thanks to the generosity of egoldberg, who gave me his pass because he wasn't going to make it there, Diana got to be "Elli Goldberg" for the day. :-)

The show was the lamest one either of us had ever seen. Very few vendors had new versions of their software, and in one case the new version wouldn't support my CD-RW drive so I couldn't justify buying it. Apple has a new program called "Garage Band." I'd call it "Garbage Band." You can play live into it, but you can't edit the notes the way you can with a decent MIDI-based package. You also don't get to look at the notes on a nice, easy-to-read staff (get the feeling I read music just a little?).

Other disappointments: Virtual PC is still on version 6 and won't support the G5 till sometime mid-year, and Adobe has no plans on releasing a version of FrameMaker that runs native on OSX even though Apple uses it to write its manuals.

The highlights: I ran into friends, including two I hadn't seen in years. Paul Robinson maintained our Macs at NASA. Over the years I've run into him at various computer shows and such; he's a cool guy, and he also does voice work on the side, so we always chat about that, too. Sam Sjogren is another pal I hadn't seen in years. We only got to chat briefly, but it was great just plain seeing him. I also ran into EPS and Larry Colen at different times.

After the show we hit the Mexican place at the Metreon and scarfed down chicken quesadillas and diet Pepsis (no Coke, feh). I then dropped off dimakoi and was on my way to Dr. Jane's in Berkeley (yes chatworthy, I said hi for you, Chris, and Elizabeth). I then shlepped home and am totally packed for GAFilk. I have layed out my clothes for the morning so I don't have to think. Since Warren will be a wet rag (he's never had to deal with a major allergic reaction before; I've been kind of coaching him through it), my friend Brette is driving me to the airport in return for lunch at a future date at a place of his choosing (he's got good taste, so I'm sure it'll be cool).

Warren, meanwhile, is doing better. He's still in "wet rag mode," but that's to be expected. I just have to keep reminding him of that. He now understands how hard I push myself when I go to work the day after a mushroom attack.

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