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The Nightmare Before GAFilk

I was at San Jose International Friday morning in line to go through the TSA checkpoint for gates C9-C11. It was around 10:50am.

I entered the checkpoint, pulling my laptop out of its case and putting it in a separate bin, putting my coat into another bin, my carry-on in another, and Lady's Sherpa bag into another. The agent then told me to put my wallet into a bin, so I did. I then walked Lady and myself through the metal detector. We set it off and were instructed to remain behind it. As I stood there, my wallet came off the conveyor belt. I pointed and gestured, "There's my wallet!"

The agents told me I couldn't get it then because I had to stay behind the line. Passengers continued to go through. By the time I got through the metal detection, my wallet was no longer there. The agents, instead of searching the rest of the people behind the checkpoint for my wallet, kept searching me. They wouldn't let me call 911, saying "We are the "airport police." I suspect it was what they call an "inside job" (that is, one of the TSA agents stole it themselves). Inside my wallet was my driver's license, social security card, my ATM/Visa card, my health plan card, and assorted discount cards for various stores.

As a footnote, since then my wallet hasn't turned up, and today I got a call from a bill collector for a credit card I've never owned. The identity theft has already begun. :-(
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