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I am now officially scared

Setting up for Consonance starts tomorrow.

Dr. Jane worked on me late last night. My fever broke while I was on her table. Today it's back, and with a vengeance. It is in the "beyond capable of parsing thought" stage. I have had to keep retyping parts of this. It's at 100.8F right now; a few minutes ago it was at 101.1F.

I somehow agreed to a job interview tomorrow at 10am with that company within walking distance of the con hotel. Just to cover myself, my Palm is going to be set to go off at 11:25am to make sure I get to SFO to pick up katyhh on time. I am hoping the interview will be short enough that I can go home and get out of my Job Interview Costume and possibly even feed Dramamine to and pick up The Lady Of The House so katyhh can meet her.

After I drop off Katy at the hotel I need to take care of getting the songbook run off. I've decided not to try to do that today because I can't see straight and still have one more tune to typeset (thankfully an easy one). Somewhere in this craziness I need to find my CD player so the sound crew can use it (I already have the proper audio connector for the board staged and ready to go).

As my temperature spikes, I can see myself flying off the handle and snapping at people. Folks, if I avoid you, it's nothing to take personally. I am not in good shape and don't want to share it.

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