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A few filkish items

1. The Sci-Fi Channel's Site of the Week for this week is by Joe Bethancourt. Way to go Joe! Soon we'll have the Sci-Fi channel devoting a few weeks to singing Real Old-Time Religion....

2. This year's Consonance rocked. sexybass and decadentdave were kick-ass GOHs. I swear those two could smoothly GOH in their sleep. (I was so tired, for all I know, they did -- but it didn't seem that way!) They were in excellent form all weekend. Our TM, mdlbear was also in good form. Our Interfilk Guest, Franklin "I need to get on LiveJournal" Gunkelmann was a hoot. Many thanks also to the many members of the concom who made it possible -- in no particular order, flower_cat, chaoswolf, cadhla, patoadam, Mud and Trob (our sound crew), Kristoph Klover (for loaning us his equipment), kierin, missdev, Heather and Jim (Internet Loung) and their crew, Jim and Mary Creasey (Dealer's Room), johno and chriso (Logistics), maya_kat (Program Book), Jo (Registration), Karl (Web site and Registration), Dr. Jane (Stealth Logistics), and Kitty (Info Desk). (I hope I didn't leave anyone out!!!)

3. Now that this year's con is done, I can tell you about next year's.

GOH: khaosworks
TM: mrlogic
Interfilk Guest: adamselzer

When: March 4-6, 2005
Where: Somewhere in the SF Bay Area
Why: Because we're nuts

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