Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

There IS coffee after all!

It turns out the coffee supply at work was kept in the freezer by the four guys who drink coffee. When four of us started the same day and two of us were coffee drinkers, we raised the number of coffee drinkers by 50%, much to the delight of the other four.

Someone who'd been hired for sales had ordered a cappucino maker. Last week it arrived. The other coffee drinkers asked if I knew how to make cappucino. I'd told them it was part of my New Employee Orientation at Oracle (it was!), so I wound up showing them how to do it, making myself immensely popular with them in the process.

When I haven't been working, I've been dealing with other stuff. Tuesday I was pushing the brake pedal to the floor and getting little response. Wednesday I got a new master cylinder, my first paycheck, and business cards.

On Tuesday and Thursday nights I was up at Stoph's recording cuts for my CD. I was not pleased at all with my guitar playing Thursday and may want to redo that part, but Stoph thought it was okay. In all but one session I've managed to do an entire song, much to my shock and amazement. Stoph is a lot of fun to work with, not to mention really good at what he does.

Friday I got my allergy shots. While I was near the Gilroy outlets (I pass them en route to the doctor), I looked for a steel milk frothing picher, but the cheapest ones were $8.00, so I couldn't justify the expense. I'm sure I can find one cheaper somewhere. I did, however, find boxes of Taylor's Yorkshire Tea, the Official Tea of fleetfootmike. As they'd say on Iron Chef, "now that's tea!" It was delightful and brisk.

Friday night I had dinner with the usual gang. Another one got a job and was lamenting her soon-to-be-lost freedom. I pointed out to her that since her new job starts before her severance runs out on the old one (rare), she's getting a "departure bonus." Another one of my dinner friends had taken some kind of medication that screwed with his mind. It was mildly amusing to have conversations where one person would say "xxx" and he'd emphatically say, "No, it's xxx!" then go "Damn it, it's the drugs!" rather loudly.

Today I slept in, then had to rush out to get a refrigerator part. In the middle of our heat wave, my ice maker died.

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