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Another "Ladies' Night In" at Chez FIGMO

Warren went to church and then to his place for the night, so Lady and I have the house to ourselves. I'm now trying to decide how we should spend our time. [insert evil grin here]

Nothing against Warren, mind you; it's just nice to have "alone time" every now and then. I enjoy these moments of peacefulness with Lady, who becomes extra affectionate when she doesn't have to share her time between two people. Warren is a "cat person" deep down and sometimes finds Lady's demands for attention to be a bit much, whereas I never seem to get enough.

After work I had a wonderful Szechuan dinner with the usual gang, then came home and chatted on the phone with flower_cat and dimakoi. A mutual friend of flower_cat's and mine had just died (Karen Trimble...sigh), so she was conveying the info to me. She also had some advice re: checking Stanford for studies.

Warren eventually phoned to tell me he's not coming back to my place tonight. I usually like knowing in advance because I can better plan my time. Warren tends to sleep during the day, so when he's not around I like to practice my music because I can.

Meanwhile, time for me to think about sleep....
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