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Music and life

Last week was long and exhausting. Between the day job and the weekend gig I put in something like 60 hours. This, along with job stress, made my vertigo worse. Grrf.

This weekend I sort of swapped shifts. Nobody could work Saturday, and I agreed to cover it but asked instead for Sunday off, as I need to rest sometime. The radio shift went smoothly. After that I picked up some vanilla Torani syrup at Cash and Carry for the other coffee drinkers at the day job (it's only $3.65 for a big bottle there), then went to dinner with Bruce and sroth. After that we all went to see Broceliande at the nearby Espresso Garden coffee house.

The place was packed. The quartet was excellent as usual. One of the odder phenomena going on was my vertigo was rocking in time to their music in a way that sort of enhanced the experience. I was so glad they were playing mostly Renaissance music and not rock and roll!

Today I slept. I took Benadryl and slept. I called my friend Katie, then slept. I've also been editing MIDI files and listening to stuff on the net for ideas. I've found a site with 46 versions of Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. I can only listen to that song so many times before it puts me to sleep. I slept. I listened. I slept. I listened some more. I slept. I tried doing other music. I got fried, so I went back and listened some more -- and slept.

Warren wasn't up to going out yesterday. Today he's up to it, but I'm up to pouring a bowl of cereal with my own two hands.

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