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What do I do?

Stolen from cadhla....

I hurt...when I'm struck down, especially for no good reason.

I love...being loved.

I hate...being treated like dirt.

I cry...when awful things happen and I need to let the pain out.

I fear...death.

I wish...I had lots of money and perfect health.

I feel...tired.

I health by overworking myself.

I talk...when the microphone is on.

I I can learn.

I hear...voices. :-)

I break...for Bichon Frises. ;-)

I see...the world beyond me.

I smell...very little because my sinuses are perpetually f***ed up.

I taste...when foods are spicy or strongly-flavored.

I work...constantly.

I am...woman, hear me roar/In number too big to ignore... Only kidding. Seriously, I am both a product of my upbringing and a constantly changing person who prefers to embrace different people from different backgrounds rather than "tolerate" them.

I first birthday, my first day of nursery school at 2 yrs, 10 mos old, the names of the kids in first grade who used to beat me up, Pepe -- the world's meanest Standard Poodle, Uncle Saul's house with the big organ, Uncle Sam and cousin Joanie, JFK's assasination, my first wedding, the wedding with the "human garbage can" and the "solo" cousin Beth and I didn't do, playing with Fantasy Film(tm), playing at the Saltzsieders' (and how to spell their last name), drive-in movies with the family, the first lunar landing, Uncle Pete's house, Aunt Ellie and Uncle Walter, the names of all my teachers through high school, my father (that's a whole volume in itself), my grandparents (another tome or two), Djinn-Djinn, Dukie, college, and Fuzzball.

I pray...things turn out okay for my friends, and fast.

I walk...the dog after she's had all her shots, and I might try walking to work soon.

I drive...almost everywhere.

I read...whenever my eyes work, and sometimes when they don't.

I burn...calories -- I hope.

I breathe...air, preferably untainted by tobacco smoke, molds, pollens, and stinky things.

I grandparents, Fuzzball, having enough money, and sometimes my father.

I touch...people emotionally, sometimes when I don't want to.

I doing.

I change...constantly. People are amazed when they realize I'm not the same person I was fivce or ten years ago.

I know...I'm far from perfect.

I said...I was sorry.

I dream...of having my own TV show. I also dream of having perfect skin, perfect teeth, and a perfect body.

I have...a brand new puppy and she's vying for my attention. :-)

I be able to afford to work in show business full-time in a performing capacity, yet still have enough money to pay all my bills and have cash to share.

I need...more money.

I fall...and I get up again.

I wonder...whether I'll achieve what I want to in my lifetime.

I wait...impatiently.

I live...with gusto.

I die...laughing, preferably.
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