December 10th, 2001


Fried brains, anyone?

I'm not working that hard at work. The hardest thing about work is getting there. Literally. Today I was running late because I was up itching and scratching (I think I'm allergic to liquid Tide) till 3am. A CHP cop with radar pulled me over despite my slowing down as soon as I saw him. This prick was determined to stick me with a speeding ticket. Bletch.

I got to work and things went slow all day. ALL day. I futzed around a little on the computer. I went to lunch. We talked about transsexuals we've known, with me telling everyone about the true story that inspired my song "Not the Man."

I think it's funny how, at my last three jobs, I somehow wound up talking about transsexuals within the first few weeks of the job. Actually, at Netscape it was a bit later than that, but that was where I got the story behind the song (it happened to my cubicle-mate).

My boss asked for a few things, and I flung them back at her at a speed that clearly exceeded what she'd expected out of me. This is good. She seems happy with me so far. In my first one-on-one with her I expressed concern it looked like I wasn't doing anything (I seem to mostly spend my time on IRC and reading e-mail and surfing the net). She replied, "Why of COURSE you've been doing things! You've got lots of stuff to PROVE it!"

Who's going to argue with success? Not me!

I'm really tired from lack of sleep. I want to start working out, but first I need to catch up on sleep.

Oh well...time to act upon what I said.
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