December 23rd, 2001


Sunday, Sunday!

O little town of Bethlehem
Israeli leaders sneer
They won’t let Yasser Arafat
Come by to pray this year

But Yasser says’s hell get there
Despite the fact he’s banned
He says he’ll go the 12 miles there
By trudging through the sand

This season is bringing out the "weird" in people...including me.

I've been extra warped today, writing stories about how you "otter" come up and visit the newest addition to Monterey Bay Aquarium's sea otter exhibit and how the three female otters are "getting along swimmingly," and about animal rights protesters picketing horse-drawn buggies in Los Altos because they feel it is "cruel" to use horses to pull carriages in an urban setting. Eeep.

I can't write long because I'm just doing a quick dump before I get off work. More later....
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    "O Little Town of Bethlehem"