January 7th, 2002


I Want To Sleep....

I haven't been in LJ for a few days because my PowerBook is corrupted again. I checked out the Apple store at Valley Fair Mall in San Jose last night; the guy there tried to tell me it was a "software problem with Netscape." Uh, right. He wasn't very bright, and the woman in the couple in line before me picked up on him being incredibly sexist and ageist. Her husband wasn't getting e-mail messages after his ISP was forcibly switched from atHome to attbi, and this guy was giving her husband the runaround with lots of technobabble instead of telling him what I finally said: "The transition was 'less than smooth.' You need to either re-register or tell Apple your e-mail address has been changed from under you." He understood that. Besides, I went through the same choppy transition at the same time.

I was lucky, though, in that I kept my e-mail address on my main ISP (rahul.net). Rahul Dhesi runs it as a labor of love with his girlfriend; they both have day jobs, so they hired my friend R.J. to be their "support" guy...and accountant...and office manager...and so forth. Rahul runs an intentionally small ISP with phenomenal response time from support (which is almost always him). It's designed for people who know what they're doing, or who have friends who know what they're doing. Fortunately, I've got around 20 years of UNIX experience behind me.

I have my PowerBook in my "San Francisco in 2002" tote bag in my car. If anyone has the AUDACITY to try to break in and steal it (I can see my car from my cubicle), all they need is to be seen with the tote and they're dead meat. My tote bag is the only navy blue "San Francisco in 2002" tote bag in existence.

Eventually I'll call Apple's tech support line and see whether I can get it fixed locally or have to send it in to Apple again.

I just had a cup of coffee and it seems to be helping a little. I need to not drink any more of the stuff today, though, or I won't sleep tonight.

At 3pm I have a meeting. I'm told it's de rigeur for the tech pubs representatives to slip out of the meeting early. After that I'm meeting with my boss and the writer I'm taking the project being discussed to let me know which parts of the meeting are important and what I can ignore. Oh joy.

Maybe that free Diet Coke with Lemon was sitting in that conference room for a reason....

More caffeine!!!

Must Have Caffeine!