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FIGMO's Follies
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Saturday, January 26th, 2002

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Somewhere a long-dead Yorkshire Terrier is cursing me out....
I had my weekly phone conversation with Mom today. It was brief because she had company. I told her about yesterday and the dog and Fuzzball's ashes.

Mom said, "You know, I finally figured out what to do with Djinn-Djinn," referring to the ashes of the family Yorkshire Terrier who died shortly before I got Fuzzball. "You remember how he used to like to walk around the perimeter of the property?"

"Mom," I exclaimed, "he didn't like to do it; I trained him to do that!"

"Whatever," she replied. "Before I moved, I walked around the perimeter of the property where he used to go and deposited his ashes."

If dogs have an afterlife, somewhere that poor animal is cursing me out.

Current Mood: giggly

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