January 31st, 2002


Wasting time

Last night I rushed out of work to pick up a new Mrs. Tea unit. The one I got for free after LACon III had an ant infestation in its reservoir. I had tried brewing a pot of plain water the night before and watched as nine or ten ants crawled out. Eeeuw.

Costco, where I'd seen the unit so many times before, didn't have any. I looked on mrcoffee.com to no avail. Amazon.com only pointed me at eBay, and if you think I'm going to buy someone else's possibly-ant-infested used unit, you're nucking futz.

I still haven't heard from Apple. My PowerBook is still "AWOL." Somehow I'm going to get Lee Gold and Judith Hayman my entries for their respective songbooks (Consonance and Interfilk) by tomorrow without the computer on which I normally typeset them. I don't know how, but I will. If I had my PowerBook I could be working on them now instead of updating my LJ. I'm on a UNIX box, and I have yet to find any WYSIWYG music typesetting software that runs under Solaris.

Oh well...my boss just gave me her markups. I'll probably have them in the book within ten minutes; fifteen max.
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