February 15th, 2002


Life is Getting Better

I have come to the conclusion I'm never going to get an answer as to why my contract was suddenly "ended." The agency has been utterly useless, and even justified the docking of my last hour on my timecard, saying, "The manager took it off because [I] didn't work the full day." It wasn't my fault!

Meanwhile, yesterday Warren and I took his mother out. Warren's mother is a very nice lady who has been almost impossible to get out of the house, and his father has done little to help in that regard. Warren and I managed to line up back-to-back (pun not intended) appointments with Dr. Jane for her and him. I made an appointment with Ann L. for lymphatic massage in the same timeframe so we could all go up together.

We got to Dr. Jane's a little late (traffic was very heavy on NB 880), and because I had to pick up a stock sale check, I was equally late to Ann's. Nonetheless, I had a good session with Ann as she got my lymphatic system to Do The Right Thing. We also had a good conversation.

As I was leaving I showed Ann the "tangerine clam" I'd picked up for Dr. Jane a while back. Warren and I had seen this Furby clam that was the same color as Dr. Jane's iBook, which she calls the "Tangerine Clam." The thing made me giggle, so I picked it up to give to her when she'd suffered an office fire as a "re-office-warming" gift (it was as good an excuse as any; I just had to give this thing to her). Ann is a friend of Dr. Jane's (Jane referred me to her) and thought it was pretty funny.

I then drove to Dr. Jane's to pick up Warren and his mom. His mother looked energetic and blissful in a way I have never seen her look. She was clearly out of a lot of pain and it showed. Warren was feeling great, too. Dr. Jane does that. I gave Jane the "clam;" she doubled over laughing.

We walked to the dentist next door to Dr. Jane to ask about her helping Warren's mother. The dentist wasn't able to do anything for Warren's mother, but Warren wound up scheduling a visit the same day as my next appointment to Dr. Jane.

Next we drove to Emil Villa's Hic'ry Pit for dinner (this was for his mother and to her taste). His mother was radiant. The waitress was really friendly. Even funnier, though, was how Warren's mother kept attracting goodies. First we were offered free side dishes of Emil's smoked beans. They were good. Next the waitress caused a single carnation to appear for her. The gal at the booth across from us was angrily jabbing her date in the elbow as if to say, "Why the hell didn't you do that for me too?" Hee hee. His mother even got free dessert! We were teasing her about how we need to take her around more so we can get more freebies. She was having a good time, and so were we. It was a delight to see her beaming so brightly.

Warren then came up with a lame excuse to take her to my place. She'd apparently been nagging him about this. My place is a mess, but at least I'd made my bed. She seemed to like the house, although she agreed with me about my kitchen being way too microscopic. We were both laughing about my crummy stove.

We then took her back home, visited with his father, and then went back to my place.

I then checked my e-mail. I've got two companies wanting to do phone interviews, one that has already done the phone-thing setting me up for an on-site interview next week, and another looking possible. This is much better. Alan Thiesen also comforted me, pointing out how so many folks we both know in the filk community are also unemployed.

Time to get going; the maids are scheduled to show up sometime in the next 10-40 minutes, and Diana and I are going to "Whorehouse" tonight.
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