February 20th, 2002


Things are looking up

I have a job interview tomorrow morning. It's with a company that's a direct competitor to BroadVision and Netscape (now iPlanet), my last two regular employers. The architecture team there is the same group I dealt with at Netscape. I figure this is either going to go really well or totally bomb, and I'm not sure which.

A friend called today and warned me off another company that's interested in me, saying a mutual friend of ours had worked there and that it was "on the skids." I'll go with that job if desparate, but I'm not going to pin hopes on it. It's also up in San Francisco, which is not too good for me. The interview tomorrow is in San Mateo, which is about half as far as SF.

My biggest worry right now is my health. My neck is still swollen, and now my throat is getting scratchy and I'm sneezing. Bleaugh. I'm snorting Zicam in hopes of heading off any possible cold. Warren woke up with one, and right now the last thing I need is to get sick.

Karen Linsley, a filker from Canada, is coming to town Saturday. Being unemployed will be a win when it comes time to take her around. I wasn't sure I'd get to see her at all, but now it looks like I'll be helping take her around. I like Karen and am looking forward to this.

Right now I'm at the radio station filling in for a guy who's suffering after having had a root canal. I've been asked to be on standby for tomorrow; this is cool. I like making extra money. Yeah, it'll knock out unemployment for this week, but that's okay. I'll probably collect next week because I'm taking it off for Consonance.

Another minor good money thing: I found a medical form I need to mail into my health plan. The reimbursement money will be helpful.
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