February 28th, 2002



I started going to sleep, and suddenly my left sinus did a core dump. Eeeuw.

I know, it's gross. Suddenly I got a burst of energy. This is highly inconvenient at two-something AM, but hey, it's the best I've felt in two weeks.

My voice and throat are dry and scratchy, but despite that I was able to practice my newest song for my concert Saturday at Consonance. I wanted to make sure I had the chords right and so forth. Fortunately, I've been hearing this song in bits and pieces in my head for a while now; it's one of those things where the song suddenly completed itself Monday night, much to my delight and relief. I hadn't come up with anything original in a while, being fried out by Fuzzball's death.
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    The new song I'll be debuting at Consonance